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ME project on zigbee based detection system

zigbee based detection system

Email:  zigbee based detection system: Initially PIR sensor is active round the clock,then on sensing some movement infront it will activate Magneto sensor to check any items like guns/iron items are present with intruder. If yes then it will activate the camera and the recording will be carried out in the central server (this whole process to be automated) with gui plotting the intruder speed and direction (It can be calculated using the paper i have attached ) and for plotting if not possible without GPS then Gps can be encorporated and plotting on maps like google maps to be used (how will data of gps will transmit in the network) .

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ME project requirement on image processing : image retrieval based on context

image retrieval based on context


Hello sir, I am doing final year project in ME on image retrieval based on context ( Relevance Feedback ) using optimum path forest approach. This project is form image processing domain. if you can help in guidance for this project please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you. 


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