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project about Matlab Coading

Matlab Coading


Email:  I need matlab coading on following for my project.  (attachment link here)

Hi Sir/mam,

There is genetic algorithm global optimization tool in matlab u jst have to give two dot m files to that tool-

1) fitness function.m file- it's hardly 4 line code of f(x) (plz see the attachment)

2) constraint.m file- What ever veriables used in ur f(x) like x1,x2.. there limits and conditions r to b programed in dis file

Then simply give path of these two .m files in global optimization tool and genetic algorithm global optimization tool will automatically select optimum values of x1,x2,x3....x9 (as 9 veriables r der in my question) to maximize f(x) satisfying all conditions mentioned in constraints

So wat u'v 2 do is just program single page attached here with in 2 dot m files 1 for f(x) i.e.fitness function and 1 for it's constraints.

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