Mining Domain Knowledge on Service Goals from Textual Service Descriptions : IEEE 2020 [Data Mining]

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Mining Domain Knowledge on Service Goals from Textual Service Descriptions: IEEE 2020 [Data Mining]

With the rapid development of service-oriented computing, a large number of software applications have been developed based on the services computing framework. It is well known that software engineering is a knowledge-intensive activity, and thus the effective management of service-related knowledge facilitates service-oriented software development. Although many methodologies have been proposed for service-oriented knowledge management, little attention has been paid to mining knowledge (especially domain-specific functionalities) from service resources. To address this issue, we propose an approach to mine domain knowledge on service goals (i.e., service functionalities) from textual descriptions of services. The approach consists of two components: service goal extraction from textual service descriptions based on linguistic analysis and domain service goal construction that merges semantically similar service goals within a domain. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is validated by a series of experiments conducted on a real-world dataset crawled from the ProgrammableWeb.

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