privacy preservation

Slicing a new approach for privacy preserving data publishing ME project requirement

privacy preserving data publishing


Email:  Hello sir, I am doing project for my ME final year in privacy preserving data publishing. 

this is based on a new approach for privacy preserving. need project implementation with some future work. the project can be developed in JAVA or .NET  Please contact me if you can guide me for this project. on below given details. thank you. 


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Mtech project on cloud computing along with 2 paper publication Privacy Preservation in cloud computing using cobweb clustering

Mtech project on cloud computing based on Privacy preservation

  Email:  Dear Sir, I am working on Mtech project on cloud computing for Final year Computer Science Project. attachment here click link.  Also I have to publish 2 papers for this project before may 2015. This project is basically "enhancing privacy preservation in cloud database using Cobweb algorithm".. In which prev. researchers had used k-means to prevent the brute force attack in cloud. I am forwarding that base paper. So aim is to use modified version of Cobweb instead of k-means to improve the efficiency.
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