Data Mining Projects

Combined Mining for Complex Data

Combined Mining: Discovering Informative Knowledge in Complex Data Enterprise data mining applications often involve complex data such as multiple large heterogeneous data sources, user preferences, and business impact. In such situations, a single method or one-step mining is often limited in discovering informative knowledge. It would also be very time […]

Secure Cloud Storage and Quick Keyword Based Retrieval System

Data Mining Technique On Stock Exchange

Data Mining Technique With Cluster Analysis Use K-Means Algorithm For Indonesia Stock Exchange Apply data mining techniques with cluster analysis on stock data registered in LQ45 in Indonesia Stock Exchange. The cluster analysis used in this method is k-means algorithm, the data in this research is taken from Indonesia Stock […]

Noisy Text Images Recognition Probability

The Experimental Research of the Monitor-Displayed Noisy Text Images Recognition Probability Experimental research results about assessment the dependency of probability recognition text images, which displayed by the computer hardware monitor on a different signal-to-noise ratio. Analytical expressions are obtained for calculating the probability of correct text images, which displayed on […]

Educational Data Mining on Online Learning Platform

Key Technologies and Applications of Educational Data Mining on Online Learning Platform Development of the Internet and communication technology, online education has drawn more and more attention, online learning platforms and store massive learner behavioral data and educational data. How to effectively analyze and utilize the data to improve the […]

Big data mining for E-commerce

Personalized Referral Service and Big Data Mining for E-commerce Machine learning Machine learning (ML) is one of the main methods to address the problem of big data mining for E-commerce. The big data produced by transaction, interaction and observation from e-commerce enterprises. e-commerce greatly provide decision-making service for marketing strategy. […]

Privacy-Preserving Selective Aggregation

BE/ ME Project – Privacy-Preserving Selective Aggregation

BE/ ME Project – Privacy-Preserving Selective Aggregation of Online User Behavior Data Tons of online user behavior data are being generated every day on the booming and ubiquitous Internet. Growing efforts have been devoted to mining the abundant behavior data to extract valuable information for research purposes or business interests. […]