Inventory management application development

Inventory Management System with Tally Connectivity

this is the application to be developed for small and medium size business owners for managing their business inventory along with tally connectivity. while the sole purpose of the application revolve around management of inventory items along with its financials with tally, the clear understanding of the objectives can be drawn from points below:

Objective Of project:

  • Develop the Inventory Management Solution with Tally connectivity to keep track of Purchase, Sales & Inventory Department
  • Develop completely automated system & connect it with Tally for the accounting purpose

Scope of the project:

  • Take the inputs from all three departments
  • Entries of Purchase & Sales with respect to invoices will calculate the quantities in Inventory & will make changes accordingly
  • Admin/Owner of the organization will assign the users according to the respective departments & user of particular department is the only responsible person who will have the rights/authority to update, rest of the user can only view the changes of that particular department
  • This will create a systematic centralization in organization & people from various departments will come to the exact quantity of Raw Material/Finished Good in the Inventory
  • Also it will help Owner of the organization to keep close watch on all process 7 take decisions accordingly

Coding Tech: - Java /Adv Java
Database: - MYSQL.

Difficulties in project:

apparently, this looks and obvious requirement for a business and the solution too look simpler yet there are some technical challenges to be overcome before we can have expected outcome from the project. these difficulties are ad belows 

  1. Manual entries may create Errors in system
  2. Employee responsible for giving input to machinery will have to calculate accurately How much amount of raw material is needed & demand it to inventory, employees judgment will work in this case
  3. Employees must receive the updates report (pop-ups) as when system will be updated

POC needs to be implemented:

while the proof of concept (POC) generally covers the working part of the functionality expected from the application; the POC for the inventory management system would be covering points as mentioned below.

  1. Create user friendly UI for the client
  2. Connect the system which will use local database & also connect it to Tally
  3. Entries done in all departments must update local database & updates in Tally as well
  4. Accurate & proper synchronization of our system & Tally is MOST IMP part of project
  5. Allow easy access to different users of different department, but make sure that user from one department will not be able to modify other department’s data

For Database Designing the use database design tool can enhance the speed for development. 

Detailed Working:

(Note: Considering System is deployed on client’s machine also it is connected with local database & Tally as well)

The employee makes the Purchase Entry with Unique Invoice Id. Also he/she is the responsible person to fill up all the details accurately so the data will get stored in local database & Tally as well Employees from other departments can view the entries done in Purchase department, Admin has all the rights so he/she can view/edit/modify. As & when any entry will be done in Purchase department, a pop-up will flash on screen so that users or employees from other department can get the updates If you click on pop-up, it will direct to Purchase entries & can see latest as well as previous Purchase entries done in the organization.

Step no. 1 to 5 is applicable with Sales department by using Sales Unique Invoice Id but with some addition function such that,

 If any product goes out of the plant (sold out) then the compositions (raw material used to produce) of the product will be calculated & changes in total amount of that particular raw material will be done in Inventory


The testing of the developed application includes following tasks

  • Set the test plan like what are the inputs what are the expected outputs, also set up the expected calculated output
  • UI and code testing for errors, bugs
  • Functional testing
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Usability testing
  • User Acceptance testing


Owner of the organization will have detailed & closed watch on the Purchase, Sales & mainly Inventory departments. System / application will help owner of the organization can take quick & firm decisions of Purchase & Sales with the help of Inventory. application as per the client’s exact requirement will get ready & will work efficiently.Advantage of the system will be it’s simple & understandable user interface, as we are developing it for the SMEs, employees in SMEs are not that well qualified