ME project on Performance enhancement of AODV routing protocol in manet

Performance enhancement of AODV routing protocol

  Email:   hi sir, I am doing project in Performance enhancement of AODV routing protocol for attachment click link here  An intelligent routing strategy is required to efficiently use the limited resources while at the same time being adaptable to the changing network condition such as: network size, network partitioning, and traffic density. Since 1990, there has been a rapid growth of research interest in Mobile Ad hoc Network where dynamic routing is an important research challenge. Many protocols have been developed for data link layer and network layer. Many researchers have conducted numerous simulations for comparing the performance of these protocols under varying conditions and constraints. The widely-used protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) achieves a dynamic, self-organizing and on-demand multi-hop routing by means of the AODV routing protocol. MANETs are characterized by self-organized, dynamic changes of network topology, limited bandwidth, and instability of link capacity, etc. The reliability of data transmission in the network cannot be guaranteed, in some special application conditions with harsh requirements on Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR) and link quality, higher criteria for routing protocol will have been laid out. This work present Origional AODV compare with new enhanced AODV. give some name to enhanced AODV how enhanced AODV is better than Origional AODV. i want enhanced AODV better than AODV in terms of different parameters Please contact me if you can help in this project. on contact details given below.


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