android application for finding right seller in the area by location

android application for finding right seller


This android app is based on a problem that is faced by most people when they try to find a seller or a shop for particular object in given area. especially in a new area. The buyer face lot of challenges in finding exact map location of right seller, number of seller in area, competitive costs available for the object that he is looking to buy...

This android application, when activated on buyers phone, mobile device will ask for the object that the buyer is looking for and populates all available sellers in the predefined circumference ( for example 2 KM ) from the Byers location. 

and the most interesting part of this is the buyer can be moving in a vehicle at significant speed, Yet he will be provided with all the seller available in given circumference from the seller at that point of time, giving the buyer most suitable information and drastically reducing time to select the appropriate seller in given area for desired product to buy.

Project Title: android application for finding right seller based on location

Technology Used: - Android 

Problem Statement:

Usually it happens, when user is roaming in known or unknown area of particular city & need to find a shop for particular product. User finds it bit difficult to find out exact shop for that product, sometimes because of the language problem of that area & sometimes because of the odd location of the shop. Many times we see names of shops are written in local language, now if I don’t know the local language then how would I come to know where I will get particular product. Also most of the times no passerby help you if you ask them “Where would I get so & so product?”, nobody will entertain you.

So keeping this problem area in mind, our team has come up with the idea of Android Based Need & Provider Mitigation (based on Maps)



Develop the Android Based Need & Provider Mitigation (based on Maps), in which user/client will be able search shop/provider of the required product of client from the from clients current place in fraction of seconds & also navigate them to the destination shop/providers


 To solve the above stated problem, Android based Need & Provider Mitigation (based on Maps). This solution will help user to find out the particular shop for the specific product or can find out the list of all shops nearby. Keeping in mind, whether user is known or unknown to the area where he/she is standing currently to find out product, we will develop local search engine for maximum number of products with maximum numbers of vender (shop) list in database.

Even in our solution, once you download it, we are giving liberty to vendors to enrol or register themselves. While searching if user taps any particular shop to get inquire, then immediately one pop-up will be sent to that particular vendors mobile or machine stating so & so mobile no is doing some inquire about your shop. This feature can allow shop owner to contact user & give brief information about product & convince user to visit his/her shop. Ultimately making BUSINESS... 

Brief Introduction: -

  • Android Based Need & Provider Mitigation system (based on Maps) will be the search application using which, user can search for almost every product & can get the details address, contact no & other information from where he/she can buy or see the product 
  • Also application will guide the user by navigating user to the destination on maps 
  • Whenever user will open the dashboard on their phone, GPS system will get enable & locate the current location of the user 
  • Based on that location, our application will return output values (name, address, contact of shop/provider) of nearby area of user so user will get the information about desired place immediately 
  • Need & Provider Mitigation’s core objective is to reduce the stress of user of finding shops for the required product & give them answer for their question instantly as & when required 
  • Many times it happens with user that if user is at some unknown or know place & wants to find some store of some product but not able to get it 
  • So this process of finding makes user frustrate & reduces the interest level of user to buy the product 
  • Providing solution to this, we will develop Need & Provider Mitigation application, which will be developed completely in Android & dashboard will be on user’s table/mobile phone 
  • Database maintenance is the main challenge in the system 
  • Team Member need to create database by surveying market & gather all the information about the products, shops where particular product will be available, details address & contact no of shops 
  • System will work efficiently if & only if the database will be maintained properly 
  • When user search for any product, he/she will get the name, address & contact no of the shops/providers on their dashboard 
  • Now if user clicks on the particular shop/provider then system will send pop-up message to that particular shop/provider owner & letting them know that so & so mobile no has done enquire about so & so product, so that shop/provider owner can contact user if they want 
  • So this application will also help shop/provider owner to find out clients for them & if they wish they can have follow up of user, so eventually this application is useful for both user & shop/provider owner as well 


  • Need & Provider Mitigation can work as a best & effective search engine for the user 
  • Connectivity with GPS allows user to get direction & reduce the headache of finding the shop/provider for particular product 
  • Time saving & very fast solution to search any product