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Secure Remote User Authenticated Key

Secure Remote User Authenticated Key Establishment Protocol for Smart Home Environment Abstract—The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been used in wide range of applications, such as smart living, smart health and smart transportation. Among all these applications, smart home is most popular, in which the users/residents can control the […]

Architecture of P2S3 for WSN simulator

Parallel processing simulator for separate sensor

Parallel processing simulator for separate sensor o f WSN simulator with GPU Abstract -:Wireless sensor networks have been used as the technology that is actively grafted onto industries and daily living. Sensors should have builtin routing functions and basic sensing functions for the self configuration of topologies. The number of […]

Traffic Detection with vehicular ad-hoc network

Traffic Congestion Detection using Data Mining in VANET Abstract – Traffic Congestion Detection One of the most interesting areas of research is the analysis of road traffic. This includes vehicle path tracking, path prediction, intelligent vehicles, congestion detection and many more. Most of the research that has been done to […]

Traffic Congection detection with VNET