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Parallel processing simulator for separate sensor

Parallel processing simulator for separate sensor o f WSN simulator with GPU Abstract -:Wireless sensor networks have been used as the technology that is actively grafted onto industries and daily living. Sensors should have builtin routing functions and basic sensing functions for the self configuration of topologies. The number of […]

Architecture of P2S3 for WSN simulator

Sentiment Analysis

A Rating Approach based on Sentiment Analysis Abstract- Sentiment analysis is contextual mining of text which identifies and extracts subjective information in source material, and helping a business to understand the social sentiment of their brand, product or service while monitoring online conversations.With the advent to social media the number […]

Forecasting Tourist Arrivals

Forecasting Tourist Arrivals with Machine Learning and Internet Search Index Abstract—Forecasting Tourist Arrivals with Machine Learning and Internet Search Index.The queries entered into search engines register hundreds of millions of different searches by tourists, not only reflecting the trends of the searchers’ preferences for travel products, but also offering a […]

Graph-based Recommendation

A Graph-based Approach for Job Recommendation at Scale Abstract—Online job boards are one of the central components of modern recruitment industry. With millions of candidates browsing through job postings everyday, the need for accurate, effective, meaningful, and transparent job recommendations is apparent more than ever. While recommendation systems are successfully […]

Finding Desirable Items with E-Commerce Search

Finding Desirable Items in E-Commerce Search by Discovering the Worst Title Tokens Abstract—Given an e-commerce query, how well the titles of items for sale match the user intent is an important signal for ranking the items. A well-known technique for computing this signal is to use a standard machine-learned model […]

Fault Cascade in the Network Virtualization Environment

A Backup Algorithm for Power Communication Network Based on Fault Cascade in the Network Virtualization Environment. Network modeling and topological characteristics of a three-tier power grid in NV. We use the degree sorting algorithm as the control group which is widely used in power grid.Server unreasonable phenomena were reported in […]

Data Mining Technique On Stock Exchange

Data Mining Technique With Cluster Analysis Use K-Means Algorithm For Indonesia Stock Exchange Apply data mining techniques with cluster analysis on stock data registered in LQ45 in Indonesia Stock Exchange. The cluster analysis used in this method is k-means algorithm, the data in this research is taken from Indonesia Stock […]

Noisy Text Images Recognition Probability

The Experimental Research of the Monitor-Displayed Noisy Text Images Recognition Probability Experimental research results about assessment the dependency of probability recognition text images, which displayed by the computer hardware monitor on a different signal-to-noise ratio. Analytical expressions are obtained for calculating the probability of correct text images, which displayed on […]

Educational Data Mining on Online Learning Platform

Key Technologies and Applications of Educational Data Mining on Online Learning Platform Development of the Internet and communication technology, online education has drawn more and more attention, online learning platforms and store massive learner behavioral data and educational data. How to effectively analyze and utilize the data to improve the […]