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Block chain based data security

Block chain based data security enhanced IoT server platform Abstract— In this paper, we propose a new IoT server platform by introducing a block chain and store sensor data in a block chain. Mobius selected IoT server platform, Mobius authenticates IoT devices conforming to oneM2M standard, receives real-time sensor data, […]

Information Sharing for Supply Chain Management

Information Sharing for Supply Chain Management based on Block Chain Technology Abstract— Supply Chain Management systems provide information sharing and analysis to companies and support their planning activities. They are not based on the real data because there is asymmetric information between companies, then leading to disturbance of the planning […]

Secure Remote User Authenticated Key

Secure Remote User Authenticated Key Establishment Protocol for Smart Home Environment Abstract—The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been used in wide range of applications, such as smart living, smart health and smart transportation. Among all these applications, smart home is most popular, in which the users/residents can control the […]

Web Data Extraction of Dynamic Content

Towards Data Extraction of Dynamic Content from JavaScript Web Applications Abstract—: An enormous data in World Wide Web and social media has open opportunities for business and organization to get the significant value that leads to efficient operations. As a result, Web Data Extraction has become an important tool for […]

Parallel processing simulator for separate sensor

Parallel processing simulator for separate sensor o f WSN simulator with GPU Abstract -:Wireless sensor networks have been used as the technology that is actively grafted onto industries and daily living. Sensors should have builtin routing functions and basic sensing functions for the self configuration of topologies. The number of […]

Architecture of P2S3 for WSN simulator

Android Platfrom Overview

Android App For An Institute

Design And Implementation Of Android Base Mobile App For An Institute Abstract—In the today’s advancing world of technology, Mobile Applications are rapidly growing segment of global mobile market. Mobile applications are developing at a meteor space to give user a rich and fast user experience. This paper involves an application […]

Android-based application

Android-based application for first responders monitoring Abstract— The Vital Responded project aims at exploring the synergies between wearable technologies, scattered sensor network, intelligent building technology and precise localization services to provide secure, reliable and effective first-response systems in emergency scenarios. One of the components required in this technological setting is […]

Internet of Things(IoT) Using Android Application

Integration In The Physical World In IoT Using Android Mobile Application Abstract—The Internet of Things enable the next wave of real life services in the physical world across many sectors. We are in the post PC era where all the PC are replaced by the handheld mobile devices. This paper […]

Traffic Detection with vehicular ad-hoc network

Traffic Congestion Detection using Data Mining in VANET Abstract – Traffic Congestion Detection One of the most interesting areas of research is the analysis of road traffic. This includes vehicle path tracking, path prediction, intelligent vehicles, congestion detection and many more. Most of the research that has been done to […]

Traffic Congection detection with VNET

Project Sponsorship for Engineering Students in Pune

Project Sponsorship for Engineering Students in Pune Its a good news for engineering students in Pune to get your projects done with sponsorship letters from well-known companies. Engineering students in computer engineering/ information technology seek for research based project to be developed with sponsorship from wellknown companies. But, its highly […]