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Integrated Access to Big Data

Integrated Access to Big Data Polystores through a Knowledge-driven Framework Abstract—The recent successes of commercial cognitive and AI applications have cast a spotlight on knowledge graphs and the benefits of consuming structured semantic data. Today, knowledge graphs are ubiquitous to the extent that organizations often view them as a “single […]

The SemTK with EDC reference implementation

Personalized Search with Editable Profiles

Personalized Search with Editable Profiles Abstract—Personalized Search with Editable Profiles is an important technique for improving search performance. Existing approaches work in a black box, where users have no clue how it works and how to customize it. This lack of user control and flexibility can often be inconvenient and […]

Forecasting Tourist Arrivals

Forecasting Tourist Arrivals with Machine Learning and Internet Search Index Abstract—Forecasting Tourist Arrivals with Machine Learning and Internet Search Index.The queries entered into search engines register hundreds of millions of different searches by tourists, not only reflecting the trends of the searchers’ preferences for travel products, but also offering a […]

Graph-based Recommendation

A Graph-based Approach for Job Recommendation at Scale Abstract—Online job boards are one of the central components of modern recruitment industry. With millions of candidates browsing through job postings everyday, the need for accurate, effective, meaningful, and transparent job recommendations is apparent more than ever. While recommendation systems are successfully […]

Finding Desirable Items with E-Commerce Search

Finding Desirable Items in E-Commerce Search by Discovering the Worst Title Tokens Abstract—Given an e-commerce query, how well the titles of items for sale match the user intent is an important signal for ranking the items. A well-known technique for computing this signal is to use a standard machine-learned model […]

Semantic Search Knowledge Graphs

Towards a Semantic Keyword Search over Industrial Knowledge Graphs Abstract—Semantic Search over Industrial Knowledge Graphs.Knowledge graphs have become powerful assets for enhancing search and data integration and are now widely used in both academia and industry. Existing semantics of keyword search over knowledge graphs, especially in industrial context, has limitations. […]