Fault Cascade in the Network Virtualization Environment

A Backup Algorithm for Power Communication Network Based on Fault Cascade in the Network Virtualization Environment.

Network virtualization

Network modeling and topological characteristics of a three-tier power grid in NV. We use the degree sorting algorithm as the control group which is widely used in power grid.Server unreasonable phenomena were reported in the context of power communication networks. The network virtualization deals with the virtualization of network functions usually performed by dedicated hardware devices. Both industry and academia are taking advantage of the network virtualization for boosting innovation and providing flexibility in network management. In NV, the network is divided into the substrate network (SN) and virtual network (VN). The roles in the network virtualization model include infrastructure provider (InP) and service providers (SP). SP combines the functions that VN provides to the outside world into services SN contains specific network components provided by InP, such as the power communication network and the power grid. NVMA (NV Management) is responsible for resource management and network coordination. The algorithms of this paper run on the NVMA layer, which arranges and optimize the internal power communication network of VN.

NV has challenges to be overcome, from small NV deployments to performance issues, but especially NVMA-related
issues. Their effectiveness has not yet been achieved in the actual power communication network. The topological structure of the primary power network has been fully studied. Therefore, it is necessary to carry on the thorough analysis to the topology of the power communication network and compare the validity of the existing backup strategy.

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