IEEE Project Topics

Combined Mining for Complex Data

Combined Mining: Discovering Informative Knowledge in Complex Data Enterprise data mining applications often involve complex data such as multiple large heterogeneous data sources, user preferences, and business impact. In such situations, a single method or one-step mining is often limited in discovering informative knowledge. It would also be very time […]

Secure Cloud Storage and Quick Keyword Based Retrieval System

IoT Architecture for an Operating Room Environment

NFV Enabled IoT Architecture for an Operating Room Environment The Internet of Things (IoTs) refers to the interconnection of billions of smart devices. The steadily increasing number of IoT devices with heterogeneous characteristics requires that future networks evolve to provide a new architecture to cope with the expected increase in […]

Device-to-Device Networking

Device-to-Device Networking Meets Cellular via Network Coding The increasing popularity of diverse applications in today’s mobile devices introduces higher demand for throughput, and puts a strain on network resources especially on cellular links. In fact, cellular traffic is growing exponentially, and it is expected to remain so for the foreseeable […]

Fault Cascade in the Network Virtualization Environment

A Backup Algorithm for Power Communication Network Based on Fault Cascade in the Network Virtualization Environment. Network modeling and topological characteristics of a three-tier power grid in NV. We use the degree sorting algorithm as the control group which is widely used in power grid.Server unreasonable phenomena were reported in […]

Design of plant disease detection system

Design of Plant Disease Detection System: A Transfer Learning Approach Work in Progress The use of Information and communication technologies(ICT) has become essential to help farmers collect important and updated information and knowledge which are valuable resources that farming depend. The study embarked investigates the problem sources of unavailability or […]

Single Image Super-Resolution via Multiple Mixture Models

Single Image Super-Resolution via Multiple Mixture Prior Models Example learning-based single image super-resolution (SR) is promising method for reconstructing a high-resolution (HR) image from a single input low-resolution (LR) image. Lots of popular SR approaches are more likely either time- or space-intensive, which limit their practical applications. Hence some researches […]

Social-Aware Image Tag Refinement

Tri-Clustered Tensor Completion for Social-Aware Image Tag Refinement Social image tag refinement, which aims to improve tag quality by automatically completing the missing tags and rectifying the noise-corrupted ones, is an essential component for social image search. Conventional approaches mainly focus on exploring the visual and tag information, without considering […]

Data Mining Technique On Stock Exchange

Data Mining Technique With Cluster Analysis Use K-Means Algorithm For Indonesia Stock Exchange Apply data mining techniques with cluster analysis on stock data registered in LQ45 in Indonesia Stock Exchange. The cluster analysis used in this method is k-means algorithm, the data in this research is taken from Indonesia Stock […]

Noisy Text Images Recognition Probability

The Experimental Research of the Monitor-Displayed Noisy Text Images Recognition Probability Experimental research results about assessment the dependency of probability recognition text images, which displayed by the computer hardware monitor on a different signal-to-noise ratio. Analytical expressions are obtained for calculating the probability of correct text images, which displayed on […]