Noisy Text Images Recognition Probability

The Experimental Research of the Monitor-Displayed Noisy Text Images Recognition Probability

Noisy Data Mining Process

Experimental research results about assessment the dependency of probability recognition text images, which displayed by the computer hardware monitor on a different signal-to-noise ratio. Analytical expressions are obtained for calculating the probability of correct text images, which displayed on the monitor, recognition by the operator, on the image signal-to-noise ratio and the number of accumulated (averaged) frames. One of the most dangerous technical channels for information leakage, processed by means of computer technology (MCT), is the channel of Secondary Electromagnetic Radiation (SER) of MCT video system. Questions related to the research about the interception possibility.The most detailed problem of SER video system interception in MCT with VGA and DVI interfaces is considered in the dissertation. Experimentally established that the intelligibility of the intercepted text depends on the signal-to-noise ratio of the image displayed on the monitor screen, which depends, in part, on the number of accumulated (averaged) frames. However, he did not receive any analytical dependencies about text intelligibility on the signal-to-noise ratio in image. The aim of the research was to obtain the dependencies: the probability of recognizing text images, which displayed by the MCT monitor on the signal-to-noise ratio with using an accumulating (averaging) of frames.

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