NS2 Academy Merged into Projects Pune Platform!

NS2 Academy: Leading NS2/NS3 Network Simulator Workshop/ Projects Development Center

NS2 Academy merged into Projects Pune Platform

NS2 Academy merged into Projects Pune Platform

The NS2 workshop / NS3 Workshop aims to provide a platform for participants to get experience in the Network simulators tools. Our workshop intended to postgraduate students’ society to encourage the students to encourage the Network students to choose a better Network simulator in their research.

We guides students in their research projects: We helps students to complete IEEE based research projects on NS2 or NS3 technolgies.

Though, less resources available in Maharashtra, lots of students faces problems while coding the protocol. Some institutes gives on TCL code, but its highly impossible to develop complete protocol using TCL in NS2. We can use existing protocol & test it using TCL scripts.

We provide and guide students to develop protocol from scratch in C++/CPP. Student gets complete knowledge of protocol stack & development in each layer of network protocol.



We work in following areas in NS2/ NS3 simulators:

  • Crosslayer protocol implementation
  • Wireless sensor networks (WSN) IEEE Projects
  • IEEE projects on (MANET) mobile adhoc networks
  • IEEE projects on (VANET) vehicular adhoc networks
  • IEEE projects on mobile computing
  • IEEE projects on clustering in WSN
  • IEEE projects on congestion control protocols
  • IEEE projects on security mechanism/ authentication protocols.
  • IEEE projects on energy efficient routing techniques.
  • IEEE projects on trust based techniques in network scenarios
  • IEEE projects on defending different types of attacks on networks
NS2 Academy| Projects Pune| IEEE Project Development|

NS2 Academy| Projects Pune| IEEE Project Development|

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