Wireless biometric system using smartphone in geofence

Wireless biometric system using smatphone in geofence

Description of the project requirement " Subject: Wireless biometric system using smartphone in geofence 

Email: Message Body: see flow chart…. Working of flowchart :
1. When known user enters into the geo-fence receive packet and notification shown by software installed for the authentication asked by authentication server, which is continuously transmitting the packets within the region.
2. When unknown user enters into the geo-fence. Location of the user calculated by access points by using reference paper [multi dimensional scaling]. That location information sent to the security device with location showing red dot for unauthenticated user.
3. If user with known device enters into area, then authentication software installed in the mobile device activates and ask for the authentication by face recognition.
4. Authentication software with face recognition captures image and check for the quality of image if image is blurred or unclear then rejects image and ask for new image instantly. That image is sent to the authentication server where image is matched with existing image and if new image is better than old one then auto upgradetion is done as reference in paper[ A Biometrics-Based Secure Architecture forMobile Computing ].
5. If the image is matched with the existing image then authentication successful message is sent to the user mobile as well as to security with the green dot pointing to user position for some time.( red dot must shown all the time that where he is going and all, but as far as green dot concern 30 sec to 1 min movement is shown after that it will disappear and works in background.)
6. If the image is not matched with server then received image and location of mobile(shown in red dot) sent to the security terminal. And message is sent to user mobile that he is not authenticated to use the area.
7. The registration of the user is done with his smart phone physical id and his face image & install software in his/her mobile at time of registration.
8. Unknown and new user must be registered if he has to use the area.
9. important persons which are not registered and coming as a guest must be informed by respective departments, only location of their holder shown in red dot no other provision for their registration is given because they are guest. As per info received by security the guest are allowed to access the area." 

i am having all the technical papers related to the topic.
please send me the cost and time required for the completion.


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